1 Simple Exercise to Stop Dog Aggression Towards Other Dogs

You may have the cutest dog in the world but when your dog has aggression towards other dogs, your pet pooch turns into a fierce little monster. A little alarming huh? Well imagine if your dog aggression towards other dogs worsen?

What if one day your dog instigates a fight and your dog or the other dog and their owner gets seriously injured? You need to get your dog’s aggression towards other dogs under control. Learn how to stop your dog aggression towards other dogs here.

No Need to Fear Your Dog’s

Aggressive Behavior Anymore

Depending on the state and county you live in, you will be held responsible for your dogs actions and along with paying a hefty fine. If your dog shows aggression towards other dogs, this behavior CAN NOT be ignored.

For the safety of your dog and  everyone involved, you need to find a way stop your dog’s aggression towards other dogs immediately. There are some owners out there who has a dog aggression towards other dogs problem, they completely avoid situations that may elicit their dog aggression towards other dogs.

If you avoid certain situations with your dog (like going to dog parks or public places together) because you think your taking the necessary precautions for everyone’s safety than your completely avoiding the problem altogether. In the long run it’s not fair for your dog to be socially outcast because of your inability as a dog owner to prevent and fix your dog’s aggression.

I’m not trying to be a jerk but just trying to being honest. Even if you have a grown dog, all hope is not lost for your dog to able to go to a dog park without any problems. Don’t give up on your dog.

The root cause to your dog’s behavior is due to many different types of aggression such as :

  • Sexual
  • Dominance
  • Fear/Anxiety
  • Territorial
  • Protective

Redirect His Focus

Take your dog’s attention from the threat. This is also a typical obedience training method. You want your dog to obey your words because you are the Alpha. When another dog comes along, your dog aggression towards other dogs is less likely to brew and he may not even notice the other dog walking by him if you practice redirecting his focus.

Try this at home first and make sure you have plenty of treats to reward your dog for complying. Select a cue word that would associate your dog focusing on you. The cue word I use is “Focus”. When I tell my dog to focus, he and I would make eye contact and I would reward him with a treat.

Try this several times until he “gets it”. Make sure you stay consistent., every time your dog immediately looks up at you, give him a treat. This will help your dog direct his focus on something else when a problematic issue may arise, like a dog walking by.

Once your dog has mastered this exercise, take it a step further. Next, use your cue word and move a couple steps to the left or right and when you dogs keeps his gaze and focus on you, make sure you give him plenty of praise along with a  tasty treat.

Work on your dog’s focus with this technique and try adding a few distracting variations to the exercise. take this exercise to another room or try having someone else in the room. With time and practice and how much your dog has mastered this skill, you can take this exercise to an even higher level, the park!  In time you can fade out the treats and your dog will be able to associate pleasant experiences to being around other dogs.

Here are some other important things to keep in mind when trying to prevent dog aggression towards other dogs.

  • Prevent dog aggression towards other dogs by socializing your dog to other dogs and environments at a young age.
  • Punishing your dog (shock collars and yanking on the leash) will only worsen the situation. Your dog will relate unpleasant experiences with other dogs.
  • Obedience training is vital. Not only will it help improve your communication with your dog but it will help you control your dog in any situation.

Preventing and fixing dog aggression towards other dogs is not going to be easy. It will take time and practice to get the results you want. Remember you have control of how your dog behaves. I know it may seem next to impossible to fixing certain behaviors but when you overcome the challenges of being a pet owner, only then will you realize how every minute was worth it.

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