Clicker Dog Training Techniques That Work

I don’t know about you but I want the best for my dog and the best FROM my dog. I want a strong and positive relationship with my dog. The only way I know to do that is make sure my dog understands me. Language is a big communication barrier so to avoid frustration and misunderstandings, I thought I’d try Clicker Dog Training.

Train Your Dog Obedience With Clicker Training!

So, what exactly is clicker training?

Click Training is a very effective method for dog obedience. Clicker training is suppose to help your dog associate good experience with good behavior. Clicker dog training is more effective then telling your dog “good dog”. This is a more humane way of training your dog instead of yanking on your dog’s leash or bopping your dog on the head every time they do something wrong. The trainers at Sea World use Clicker training to train the dolphins and whales.

The clicker is this little device that has it’s own distinct sound. You are going to train your dog that every time they hear a click, they did something to please you, making them want to stay on good behavior.Clicker dog training is great for basic dog obedience, off leash walking training, tricks, dog competitions. Pretty much anything that requires focus and attention from your dog.

How to Clicker Train Your Dog

Make sure you have plenty of treats on hand when you begin your clicker dog training.

  • With treats behind your back, say your dog’s name and if he looks at you, give him a treat! Repeat several times until your dog gets the game. Make sure he makes eye contact every time he looks at you.
  • Make it a little harder and put the treats on the counter where your dog can see them. This will be a little more challenging since your dog will be very focused on the treats. Say his name again and if successfully makes eye contact with you, reward him with a treat! Be patient because this may be a little tougher for your dog. Repeat his name until he looks at you. Soon enough he’ll “get it.”
  • Next step, have someone else in the room to play decoy. You want your dog to get distracted when your friend walks in. Say your dog’s name and if he makes eye contact with you, reward him. Give him a generous treat (5-6  tasty morsels). This will be really tough because like kids, dogs get so distract easily. Make sure you reward him every time he successfully looks at you.
  • There are two components you are focusing on with these exercise for successful clicker dog training. The first one is length of time you click and treat. The second factor is how your dog responds with distractions. For example, if your dog gets distract by another dog, and you say his name and he responds to you, instantly reward him. This is a breakthrough!

If your dog isn’t doing well responding to the clicker (he’s too distracted) then you may be going too fast for your dog.

Go even further and try training your dog basic commands. Connect the cue words like “sit” and “stay” to the clicker and a tasty treat. With time, you can slowly fade off the treats as well as the clicker.

With a lot of patience and practice, clicker dog training will pay off.

Want to Prevent Those Unwanted Mess

With Clicker Training?