Effectively Eliminate Destructive Dog Behavior Now!

If you have a dog with destructive dog behaviors the first thing you should do is find the underlying cause of WHY your dog is behaving this way. Destructive dog behavior can be a result of many things. The most common destructive dog behavior is chewing. Dogs chew for so many reasons.

Tired of Your Dog Destroying Your Stuff?

Learn How to Stop Bad Dog Behavior!

As puppies, they use their mouth to explore their environment and to help pacify teething. With older dogs, chewing help pass time when their bored. Find out cause why your dog is chewing. Here are some things you should know about destructive dog behavior.

After a long day at work, you come home and the first thing you want to do is punish your dog for tearing up your new pillows. Well, just know punishing your dog for a crime that happened hours ago will do nothing to teach your a dog a lesson. Even if you catch your dog in the act and if you wait for more then a few minutes to punish your dog, your dog will have no idea why he’s in trouble.

A Tired Dog is a Well Behaved Dog

I cannot stress enough how important exercise is for your dog’s physical and mental health. A tired dog is a well behaved and mannered dog. Make sure you take your dog out for for at least 25-30 minutes before you go to work in the morning and when you come home and before bed. A lot of destructive dog behavior can be avoided with more exercise.

Along wing physical exercise, mental stimulation is important. Dog’s are intelligent creatures. Invest in something that can keep your dog busy for hours while your away. A Kong is a dog product made in heaven. You put dog food in the Kong, making your dog have to work for their food. It can keep your dog busy for hours while their getting fed. It’s a great way to stimulate your dog’s mind.

Begin Training at a Young Age

If you have¬† a puppy, in order to prevent destructive dog behavior like chewing, try crate training your dog. Make sure your dog’s crate is appropriate for his size and it is very comfortable for your dog. When your home but you can’t watch your puppy close enough, attach your puppy’s leash to your body. If you catch your puppy chewing on acceptable chew toys, make sure you praise your puppy for chewing on the acceptable object.

What If You Have a Dog That Suddenly Started Chewing?

If you have a dog that never had a chewing problem until now, then you should take your dog to the vet. Chances are there is something medically wrong with your pet pooch. Your dog could have certain illness like pica, where you dog would chew on particular objects like wood or paper. Pica is a mineral deficiency, sign that your dog’s nutritional needs are not being met.

Can Your Dog Be Suffering From Separation Anxiety?

The root cause of many destructive dog behaviors is because of Separation Anxiety. Many dogs are euthanize or homeless every year because their owner couldn’t deal with their destructive dog behaviors anymore. Dogs suffer from Separation Anxiety because they are pack animals.

When the Alpha leaves, they get so stressed out that they resort to chewing, eliminating and all sorts of destructive dog behaviors. Dogs love to chew on objects that smell most like you. That’s why you may often find your most favorite possessions all chewed up. Learn more about helping your puppy deal with Separation Anxiety here.

What you can do to prevent your dog from chewing on your favorite shoes is to leave your scent on objects acceptable to chew on. For example, carry his chew toys around for a couple days. Also, always praise your dog when your catch him chewing on his own chew toys.

Help Your Dog Learn With Instructive Reprimand

Try to keep several chew toys in every room.¬† Associate cue words to your dogs chew toys. Tell him to go find it. Make a game out of it. When your dog starts to sniff things like chords, furniture, curtains and etc, make sure you firmly tell your dog “OFF” and tell him to go get his chew toy using the appropriate cue words.

This is called instructive reprimand. With your cue word and tone of voice, you will help your dog learn which objects are okay to sniff around about and how to fix the problem if he’s not allowed to “inquire” the object. This is a great way to prevent destructive dog behavior like chewing from happening.

Give Your Dog a Buffet of Chew Toys to Choose From

Make sure you provide your dog a various assortments of chew toys to choose from. Some dogs like to chew on certain textures, while other dogs prefer something totally different. A Kong, rope, soft stuff animals, pig ears and marrow bones is a good collection to choose from. Try to avoid using old sneakers as acceptable chew toys. Your dog will have a hard time differentiating between a pair of old shoes and new shoes.

Try the methods mentioned about to help prevent and fix destructive dog behavior like chewing from happening. Remember, with training, consistency and persistence from the owner, you can raise a well behaved and happy dog.

Eliminating Separation Anxiety Will Get Rid of Destructive Dog Behavior