How Long Does it Take to Potty Train a Dog?

It’s no wonder people can’t wait to have a fully potty trained dog. I mean, you don’t have to deal with cleaning up messes in the house. So the question on a lot of new dog owner’s mind is, ” How long does it take to potty train a dog?”. The answer really depends on YOU. It depends on how consistent and patient you are as a dog owner.

Here is the basics to potty training your dog for those wondering “How long does it take to potty train a dog?”

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Basic Potty Training Technique

  1. When you first get your puppy, you should designate a “safety” area for your dog. Do not let your new puppy roam around the house at this time, he should have a special area confined to one place. Make sure you put  a doggy bed, fresh water and a few toys he can play with in his pen area.
  2. When you take your puppy outside, walk around in circles and use cue words or phrases connecting the act of eliminating and the words. Some examples of cue words is “do your stuff” or “get to business”. Your goal is for your dog to associate potty cues when your dog is eliminating.Repeat the cue words before and during his eliminating.
  3. Once your puppy has gone to the bathroom, instantly you give him a lot of praise and a yummy treat for reward. You want your dog to know that he made you happy by going to the bathroom outside. If your dog doesn’t go to the bathroom within 5 minutes of circling around, it’s okay to try again in 20-25 minutes.
  4. If your dog has successfully went to the  bathroom outside, it’s okay to let your dog out of his confined space to play as long as your supervising him of course. If your curious how long does it take to potty train a dog, this is a good way to bond with your puppy and let him associate good  experiences to eliminating outside.
  5. Try repeating these steps every hour to potty train your new puppy. By staying consistent you will successfully potty train your new puppy .
  6. If your wondering how long does it take to potty train a dog and prevent any accidents from happening overnight, avoid feeding your puppy close to bedtime as well as taking away his water. Don’t forget to put his water and food back in the morning. You may have to take him out at least once sometime during the night. It’s important to take him out in the middle of the night so set your alarm and sleepily take him outside. Your puppy is still really young, don’t expect your puppy to hold onto his bladder throughout the night. As he will get older, having to get up in the middle of the night won’t be needed, giving you and your dog more sleep.

General Rules for Puppy Potty Training

Here are some things to keep in mind if your wondering how long does it take to potty train a dog?

  • Don’t rush potty training. Your main goal is to establish good habits for your puppy at a young age.
  • Don’t get to upset when your puppy has an accident inside. They don’t know yet where it’s acceptable to go to the bathroom. It’s your job as the owner to teach and reinforce where your dog can or cannot eliminate.
  • Taking your dog out means physically taking your dog outside to go to the bathroom. It doesn’t mean opening the door every few hours to let your dog out. This is NOT potty training. Laziness does not fit into the equation of successful potty training.
  • Keep in mind that a dog’s natural instincts is to keep their sleeping area clean. So if your using puppy pads, keep it far from their bedding.
  • Have realistic expectations for your puppy. Would you expect a potty training two year old to stay dry in his underwear for a long period of time? No, you would not. Same goes with puppies, they can only hold for so long before they eliminate. For a puppy, they can hold on for about an hour or so for every month they are old.
  • Create a daily food and water schedule. Give your dog food at the same time everyday and take away his water before bedtime. Don’t forget to put his water back in the morning. Avoid feeding your dog close to bed time. By creating a food schedule, you can schedule his elimination, what comes in must come out…on schedule. This is a good routine to establish with your dog if your wondering how long does it take to potty train a dog.

If you’re wondering how long does it take to potty train a dog, know potty training will take consistent and persistent work for the owner. Keep in mind that your puppy will have accidents for the first couple months of potty training. by sticking to a routine mentioned above,  you can stop asking yourself “how long does it take to potty train a dog?” and soon you’ll have a potty trained pup in no time!

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