Want to Know How to Become Alpha Dog?

You should know how important it is for you to be the Alpha when it comes to having a dog.  By being the alpha you set the rules, you set all the boundaries, you make the rules, and you make all the decisions. You need to learn how to become alpha dog.

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If your dog is the alpha dog, then there is going to big HUGE problems if there hasn’t been any already. If you haven’t establish alpha status yet then your dog is going to struggle for dominance meaning major behavioral issues to come like biting and aggressiveness. Here are the following tips you can use to become the alpha dog in the house.

Become Alpha Dog: Stare Down

In pack animals, the alpha dog will stare into the eyes of other dogs to remind them who’s boss. Making eye contact for several seconds will help your dog understand who’s the pack leader of the family. Make this a fun exercise.

Use the “watch me” cue to establish eye contact with your dog. When your dog makes eye contact with you, praise him. Do not let be the first one to break the stare. If your dog is struggling to become alpha, you and your dog may end up in a staring contest.  Whatever you do, don’t look away otherwise you’ll only confirm to your dog that your not the alpha dog.

Become Alpha Dog: Daily Alpha Exercises

Simple commands like “sit and stay” will help remind your dog that you are the alpha dog. Try using the command “sit” everyday with your dog. Before you feed your dog, let him out to go outside and before playtime tell your dog to “sit”. By doing this everyday into your dog’s daily routine, you will remind your dog that he must wait for your approval before he dives right into to what he wants to do. This is a simple way to become the alpha dog in your family.

Become Alpha Dog: Using an Air of Authority

Keep in mind that dogs are very observant animals. If act shy, timid, or insecure around your dog, you are not giving your dog the air of authority. In order to be the alpha you need to do more than “talk the talk” you also need to “walk the walk”. This means you will need to have the attitude of an alpha.

Alphas are confident. If you have the mindset of an Alpha, you need to follow through with the actions. You need to speak with confidence, project your voice and stand tall. Be gentle but firm, you don’t need to be a bully to be an alpha. Don’t ask your dog to do something, make sure you tell your dog what you want.

People who are naturally confident people don’t need to become alpha dog because they ARE the alpha dog. Your dog won’t have to struggle trying to be dominant one because with these simple tips, you’ll show your dog who’s the alpha dog.

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