How to Calm A Dog Down

A lot of pet owners don’t realize that from a dog’s point of view, they  go through so many emotions. They have a hard time communicating how they feel, so they can only hope that  their owners are observant enough to understand how they are feeling through their body language. Yes, you can tell when a dog is happy, but do you know the emotions your dog goes through when they’re “freaking out”? This is something you need to look at in order to calm a dog down.

Is Your Dog a “Scaredy Cat”?

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There are many situations when a dog becomes so stressed out that they need help coping with the situation.

For short term situations like say, the 4th of July (at least if you live in the US), it’s the loudest night of the year for dogs.  They have amazing hearing and the booming sounds we hear in the sky at night are terrifying. I bet a lot of dogs don’t understand why humans go “ooh and ahh” every time that horrific boom goes off. In order to calm a dog down, you need to be aware of the human activities going on around you may in fact be stressing out your dog.

I have a calm and mellow dog. When we got George, the cat, we noticed a radical change in our dog. I know my dog was trying to tell us how  he felt about having a new member in the house. He was not happy. The only way he could cope chew up everything he can and snarl whenever George got near me.

In order to help my dog get used to having George around, we reinforced the “Sit”,”Stay” and “Leave it” commands. Just basic obedience.

Our  emotions also calmed him down a bit as well. Dogs usually know when we’re stressed through our body language, tonal voice and the “vibe” we send out. So with our calming attitude and soothing touch, owners can help calm down their dog.

I was watching a dog training show and i learned a good trick to calm a dog down. We gave our dog an amazing doggie massage. He would lay on his back and we would rub his chest in a circular motion. I could tell it was very soothing, my dog’s eyes rolled to the back of his head with his mouth open and tongue hanging out. He was in dog paradise. We did this a few minutes a couple times throughout the day.

We also made sure to keep him extra busy. We took him out for runs and went to the dog park frequently to play fetch. My dog was so exhausted and  slept most of the time we were gone.

Also give your dog a Kong while you’re away.  A Kong is a rubber toy that you can stuff delicious treats with and my dog could spend all day trying to get that yummy goodness out and into his mouth! This is a really great way to calm a dog down while you’re away.

There are many things you can do to calm a dog down. Distraction is a great method as well if you dog is in the middle of getting riled up when he sees another dog. Distract your dog with treats! You should carry treats when you go out on walks. When you see another dog coming, get your dog’s attention and try to remain eye contact. Giving your dog treats will help maintain his focus on you and soon enough your dog won’t even realize another dog just walked past him.

I hope these tips helped you learn how to calm a dog down.

Is Your Dog a “Scaredy Cat”?

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