How to Stop Puppy Biting For Good

Keep in mind that puppies use their mouth to learn and explore the world. That’s why dog slobber and having a puppy goes hand in hand. Biting is when it starts become a problem. Stop puppy biting is a behavior that needs to nipped in the bud right away.

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Puppies learn bite inhibition when they are still with their mom and siblings. That’s why it’s really important to not take a puppy away from it’s mom until their 8 weeks old if you want to prevent and stop puppy biting.

They learn bite inhibition when their sucking on their mom’s nipples and if they bite too hard, their mom gets up and walks away. When they are playing with their siblings, if they bite to hard or play too rough, their brother or sister will cease all play. To stop puppy biting, when you bring home your new puppy, you will have to recondition and reinforce your puppy’s bite inhibition.

For a puppy, play is one of the most important things (other than tasty treats) to them. If they’re the one that get bitten, they now¬† know how to associate the pain to biting. That’s why it doesn’t hurt dogs when they carry their own tails in their mouths. This is how puppies are introduced to biting inhibition.

Biting inhibition is how a puppy learns to regulate how much pressure to apply before it causes pain.When your puppy bites you, your puppy doesn’t realize¬† how much they’re hurting you. That’s why when you take a puppy home, it’s really important to reinforce biting inhibition. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to stop puppy biting.

Stop Puppy Biting Tips:

  • Next time your puppy bites or nips you, yelp really loud, walk away and ignore your dog for a few seconds. Only for a few seconds because puppies are very distractable. Your puppy will soon learn that if he bites you then there will be no more play. Don’t ever resort to hitting because one day your dog will be full grown and can show you what a REAL bite is.
  • Avoid tug of war and wrestling with your puppy. You may think it’s all harmless fun, but how tug of war game and roughhousing will only further cause aggression down the road with your puppy.
  • Teach your puppy basic obedience training. A good cue word is “off”. Try this exercise. With your dog, roll a ball across the floor. Firmly say “OFF”. If your dog doesn’t go after the ball, give him a treat. When your dog does go after the ball, use your firm tone of voice to question his natural instinct to go after the ball. When he doesn’t go after the ball, reward your dog instantly with a treat. To give him permission to go after it, teach him cue words like”Get it”.
  • Always supervise young children when around your puppy. Young children and puppies have a lot in common, they both don’t know their own strength and can be unpredictable. This a really important stop puppy biting rule to make sure everyone is safe!
  • Invest in several kings of chew toys. Dog’s have their own personal preferences. Have ropes, soft (bur durable) stuff animals and all sorts of other chew toys around. Praise your dog when he is biting with his chew toys.

Keep in mind that having puppy will take work. Nipping, mouthing and sometimes biting is a common behavior issue when it comes to puppies. Start at a young age to reinforce good habits and prevent bad behavior. Stop puppy biting for good will take a lot of commitment, patience and consistence. Hang in there, because all your hard work will pay off!

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