How to Stop Dog Crying (Without All the Nonsense)

Dogs love attention. Sometimes they want it all they time and owners give in. Giving in will only reinforce this bad behavior. Your dog may not be doing something “really” bad but unnecessary and constant whining should not be tolerated. Here are some things you can do to stop dog crying.

Tired of Annoying and Unnecessary Whining From Your Dog?

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Stop Dog Crying: Why We Whine

First, you need to understand WHY your dog is whining. Just like when your dog is wagging his tail, you know that he’s in a good mood. Dogs wear our hearts on our sleeves. Just like with their whines, dogs are trying to tell you something. Dogs like to get there ways just like humans do.

For example, I’ve seen little children howl and wail for a cookie and guess what! They get the cookie, their parents encourage this bad behavior.
If you respond to every whim and cry of your puppy, you’re reinforcing constant whining. You’re letting your dog know that you’ll respond to his every beck and call. If we see a pattern with great outcomes, you dog will continue that behavior to get what he or she want. They’re not dumb. They are a lot smarter than you think.

Stop Dog Crying: Reward Good Behavior

This doesn’t mean to neglect your dog. If your dogs needs are being met (like food, water and shelter) than your dog is most likely crying for attention. The clincher here is reinforce good behavior by rewarding your pup for good behavior. Pay attention to the your dog when he is behaving well.

You’re dog will learn that they don’t have to whine and cry just to get attention from you. Dogs are very social animals. They love being in the center of attention, but it doesn’t mean they should always be on center stage .

Set up some time through out the day to play with your dog. That special one on one time could hold your dogĀ  over for the day so the need to whine isn’t as prevalent.

Through there whines is one of the ways dogs communicate. Like when my dog would sit in front of the door and whine, I know that she needs to go relieve herself. There was one time my dog was whining and it turned out there were some teens messing around on our front yard.

Stop Dog Crying: Calls of Distress

There may be times when our whines is a serious sign of distress. If you’re dog is favoring her right paw and she whines every time she applies pressure on it, then you know something is wrong with her paw. Just learn to differentiate which whines to ignore and which to pay attention to.

With that said, whining is just a form of communication between dogs and their human friends. As a dog owner, you should learn which whines to neglect so you don’t encourage the behavior of constant whining. If dog owners constantly responded to every single whine, then of course, a light bulb will go off in your dog’s head, letting him know that if he just whined a little more, he can get someone to throw himĀ  a milk bone. I hope this gave you a little insight on how to stop dog crying constantly.

Tired of Annoying and Unnecessary Whining From Your Dog?

Learn How to Curb That Behavior Here