How to Save Your Yard and Stop Dog Digging FAST

Your backyard is your escape from all the stress in your chaotic busy life. Your looking out your window and you watch a beautiful butterfly glide towards your zen garden. Taking one step outside and breathing in the fresh air, your lush green grass is like cashmere between your toes.

Sick and Tired of Unnecessary Yard Work Because of Your Dog?

Fast and Effective Tips to Stop Dog Digging

Then, you see the giant craters that your dog has dug up all over the yard and along the fence.  You pan out and realize your backyard is starting to look like the surface of a golf ball. You take deeper breaths, trying to relax but to no avail it doesn’t work.

This may not have exactly happened to you but close right? You’re getting tired of your pet pooch digging up your backyard and you don’t know what to do. Here are some few things you should know to stop dog digging.

First, understand WHY your dog is digging in order to stop dog digging. Is your dog bored? Is your dog trying to crawl under the fence? What is your dog’s agenda?

Here are 5 reasons why your dog is making your yard look like Swiss cheese.

Your dog could either be bored and is doing it for entertainment.

Your dog is trying to escape under the fence. Your dog may be trying to catch prey. Digging may comfort your dog. Another problem is your dog doesn’t talk, so how in the name are you suppose to identify the cause.

Your dog may be bored if:

  • Left in the yard for long periods of time by himself
  • His environment is lacking opportunities for mental stimulation
  • He’s a puppy with too much energy

Take your dog out for more walks! I can’t emphasize enough on how important physical exercise is for your dog. Just because your dog has a huge yard to romp and play in, that does not count as “walking” your dog.

A tired dog is a happy (and well behaving ) dog.
Designate a place for your dog to dig, create a sandbox that could pacify his  need to dig and save your yard. Try Placing stimulating toys in the backyard that could keep your dog busy will help stop dog digging.

Your dog is trying to escape if:

  • He digs under or along the fence

Take away your dog’s motives for digging under the fence. Make sure your dog is safe. Before installation, bury the bottom of the fence deep, at least 2 feet. Try putting giant rock buried along the side of the fence may help you stop dog digging.

Your dog is looking for attention if:

  • Digs in front of you
  • Doesn’t spend enough time with you

This is a dog crying for attention. Any attention is good attention from a dog’s point of view. Make sure you praise your dog for good behavior. Stop dog digging by spending more quality time with your pet, like going to the park and play fetch.

Whatever you do, when you come home and notice holes in your backyard, do not punish your dog. Your dog won’t understand why he’s being punish unless your catch your dog in the act. Plus if you discipline him way after the fact, it may just cause even more stress and anxiety in your dog that it will only digging will become a stress reliever for your dog.

Try out these techniques that may help stop dog digging. If these do not work, supervise your dog when he’s in the backyard.

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