Master the Secrets to Crate Training Dogs

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What to do if your puppy is having a difficult time adjusting to his new crate?

For some people, their dogs may really have a hard time getting comfy with their new crates. I can’t stress enough to avoid rushing things with your new puppy. Here are some tips you can use for crate training dogs successfully.

Tired of Coming Home to a War Zone?

Crate Training Dogs is An Effective Way to Treat and Prevent Separation Anxiety!

  • Put the crate in a room with the door open. Make sure your puppy is happy and comfortable with this room.
  • When your puppy looks at his crate, give your dog  a treat.Do this several times over and eventually stop with the treats.
  • Within time, your puppy will become even more curious and will want to sniff and check out his crate. Every time he does this, give him a yummy treat. Reward his a several times with treats.
  • Next, hold on off on giving him tasty rewards. When your puppy actually steps inside his, give him a treat, this is a breakthrough!
  • Soon your puppy will be going in and out of his crate to get treats. When your puppy does this (smart little critter huh?) , hold off on treats until he SITS DOWN in his crate.
  • When he finally settles in his crate, try closing the door and feed him treats through his crate. (

This is a great crate training dogs tip!
Here are the BIGGEST MISTAKES owners make when crate training dogs:

  • Putting your dog in the crate shortly before you leave the house. Your puppy will associate being in his crate every time you leave, giving your dog a “cue” to when you leave will only stress him out.
  • Leaving your puppy in the crate for more then 5 hours. Not including overnight stays in his crate. Why bother having a dog if he’s confined to a space all day? A pet hamster or a fish may be more your style if that’s the case.
  • NEVER NEVER punish or show displeasure when your dog has an accident in his crate. That is something totally on you. Just clean it up and take him outside more often.
  • Don’t give in to your dog’s whines or bark when he’s in  his crate. It’s like giving in to a child throwing a tantrum for a lollipop. You will only encourage this kind of behavior.
  • Last tip: Get physical. Unclench your fist, what I  meant is take your dog out for walks, go play fetch, or  go to the doggy park. In order for crate training dogs successfully, make sure your puppy gets plenty of exercise. Take your puppy out about 5-6 time a day. That may seem a lot if you have a really busy schedule but that what happens when you get a new puppy. It’s a lot like having a kid. Parenthood can be exhausting and time may feel like it flies out the window, but it’s important to take your puppy out several times a day! I can’t say the same for a puppy owner but a tired puppy is a happy puppy!
  • These are the secrets to crate training dogs. Did you think I was going to offer a magic pill to crate training dog? It will take hard work, time, and consistence but all your efforts will be well worth it!

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