Important Facts You Should Know About Training Aggressive Dogs

Do you have an aggressive pooch that makes everyone around your dog uneasy? Are you really concerned that one of these days your dog may actually really hurt someone? Sooner of later if the problem isn’t addressed, you may get cited from animal control have a lawsuit on your hands or even worse, you poor pooch gets put down.

The Key Elements to Training Aggressive Dogs

You love your dog so much and you want to do everything you can to prevent any of that from happening. Immediate actions from the owner is a must. Either you can hire a dog trainer or you can take matters into your own hands. Here are some tips to training aggressive dogs.

Are You and Your Dog Struggling For Alpha Status?

First you need to understand WHY your dog is acting this way. Naturally dogs are pack animals. That is where the Alpha factor comes in. The alpha  male is the pack leader. He makes every decision in the pack and every dog has their own place in the pack. As a dog owner, YOU need to become the alpha. It is crucial that your dog understands that your the Alpha dog in the family. If your dog doesn’t understand your the Alpha then it’s only natural for your dog to act this way and try to gain dominance. Another reason your dog may be acting aggressive is because of fear. If you act aggressive towards your dog, you will only make your dog even MORE aggressive. Being an aggressive owner is not good way on training aggressive dogs.

Being an Alpha does not mean that you have to be a bully with your dog. Being an Alpha means you have an air of authority. You and your dog should established a mutual and respectful relationship. Check out How to  Become the Alpha Dog

Aggressiveness to Other Dogs

If your dog gets a little anxious or shows aggressiveness towards other dogs, here are some things you can do. When you go for walks with your pet pooch, make sure you bring a  handful of treats with you. When you see a dog coming your way, distract your dog and with treats. This way your dog can associate good experience with other dogs and people.

This will take a practice. You can even do it at home if you have other dogs that don’t get along. What you can do is make sure your dog can associate a great experience when the other dog or home pet is around. This way will help inhibit any aggressive behavior.  Soon your dog will learn which behaviors are appropriate.

Safety First

Also take precaution of everyone’s safety when it comes to your dog. If you have to go to public places like a park, consider putting a muzzle on your dog. As the owner, you are the one liable for your dog. If you  know what ticks your dog off, avoid situations that may bring on his aggressiveness. You may have to confine him into a small and safe room for a little while.

This is what you need to do in preventing and training aggressive dogs. If you don’t take action right away,you may risk some unpleasant consequences.

Learn the Key Elements to Training Aggressive Dogs!