1 Unique Way to Stop Dog Chasing

Here’s a funny story about stop dog chasing. One of my friends told me a story about the time she went rollerblading at the park with her dog. Never again would she make that mistake. You see, she had a dog who apparently liked chasing joggers, pigeons, squirrels, and pretty much anything that moved. I always got a good laugh thinking about my friend’s plight, since I wasn’t the one on roller blades.

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Then came the day when my own dog developed a chasing problem of his own. I was out on the front yard doing some gardening work, when the mailman came to the door to deliver my mail and my dog (normally on his best behavior) came out of nowhere and began chasing the mailman. I know it may sound totally cliche that I have a  dog who likes chasing the mailman. Luckily, I have a fenced in front yard that my dog can’t really go that far.

Now to this day, the mailman refuses to deliver my mail to the door. Not only did my dog began chasing the mailman, he started chasing anything that moved. At the park, a squirrel would send my dog half way up the tree trying to get it. My friend called it karma. I needed to stop dog chasing fast…

My dog needed obedience training. At first when we got our dog, we did pretty well with his potty training and establishing a good routine for our dog. Our dog has always had a quiet side to him, somewhere along the lines he got more brave and now he chasing anything that moves. My friend told me my dog needed some obedience training. I have to say we were slacking when it came to obedience training for our dog.  This is what I did to stop dog chasing and with time and patience (a lot of it), it worked!

Obedience Training 101

Here a great way to stop dog chasing everything that moved:

  • If you have a dog that likes to chase cars, people and other animals,you must keep your dog on a leash. It’s not safe to have your dog roaming around free when their a “chaser”.
  • First start your training at home. Have your dog on a leash, toss or roll a tennis ball down the hallway, tell him “Leave it” and firmly tug on the leash. You want him to associate the cue word “Leave it” to staying put in order to stop dog chasing. Make sure he stays put and doesn’t even attempt to go after it.Even if your dog doesn’t touch the ball, do not let your dog go after it whatsoever. When he does, firmly tug on his leash and repeat your cue word.
  • When your dog responds well, make sure you praise your dog excitedly and reward with a small treat. You want your dog to know that by staying put, he pleased you so much.
  • Once your dog understands the game, try doing this in other rooms of the house. When Fido masters this game, try it without the leash. If he masters that, take it a step further and take it to your yard.You’re one step closer to stop dog chasing.
  • To stop dog chasing, the finale test is having a friend run by as a jogger. Before you do this, your dog needs to be perfect his listening skill off and on his leash. If your dog is chasing cars, set up the situation by going to a quiet street, have a friend slowly drive by and test your dog’s obedience. Every time your dog obeys your words, reward him with praise and treats. If your dog regresses, you will have to go back to the leash and in yard/home training.

Try this stop dog chasing tip that’s helped me even train my own dog to stop chasing every little thing that moves. It took a lot of coaxing to get my mailman to deliver my mail to my front door again. I was so proud of my dog when he listened to my words and was almost like a statue as the mailman walked past him. I told my rollerblading loving friend about my tip and she is in the process of training her own dog. I hope this tip will help stop dog chasing for you.

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