Why Dogs Scoot (It’s Not What You Think)

From a dog’s point of view, there’s nothing wrong with dragging my butt (aka carpet scooting) occasionally across the floor. But from a humans point of view, it’s not something we encourage. I started to get worried whenever my dog would carpet scoot over to greet me when I got home from work. 

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With growing concern, I told my spouse about our dog’s problem. Then we decided it was time to visit the  vet and asked him why dogs scoot their butts on the ground (particularly our dog.)

This wasn’t our dog’s first visit to the vet, but I can’t say he enjoys going either. From a dog’s point of view, he probably thinks every visit will consist of sticking things in his body without warning.

It goes like this, we distract our dog with soft whispered words of praise, tender touches that make his eyes roll to the back of his head  and then BAM, he gets a shot or his temperature taken. Either way, he HATES going to the vet.

A Swollen What..?

The vet told us he had swollen glands in his anus. These glands were swollen and infected. That’s why he kept scooting on his bottom, He had to find a way to relieve my discomfort somehow. So that, ladies and gentleman is the answer to why dogs scoot. For relief.

The vet also told us our dog was lucky he didn’t have any worms or fleas. I guess another reason for “carpet scooting” or why dogs scoot is that they get tapeworms or fleas. If your dog has tapeworms, you may notice rice shaped worm pieces in their stools or near the infected area. This is common cause for carpet scooting in many dogs.

My advice to owners out there  wondering why dogs scoot is to take them to the vet, they will tell you what’s wrong with your dog. Or if for any reason that’s the last thing you want to do, if your dog has tapeworms, then try deworming your dog yourself with worming tablets you can get at your local pet store. If your dog has fleas or parasites, ask your vet for advice on the best product to use.

With my dog’s swollen glands, the vet emptied his glands (not fun! that is my dog’s tail quivers between his legs every time we mention the word VET) and put him on antibiotics to treat his infected glands.

The vet us that we could manually empty his glands ourselves, but with a look of horror, we graciously declined the idea.

How to Manually Impress Your Dog’s Anal Glands

If you’re brave, you can do it yourself. You will need a warm moist towel, put it on front of his rectum and apply pressure to his anal glands (should be located on both sides of the rectum). This should release nasty smelling liquid and empty his blocked glands. The moist towel will prevent the liquid from getting everywhere. Last but not least is wipe to your dog’s bottom clean.

So that is the story to why dogs scoot. Their main reason why they carpet scoot is to relieve the discomfort of an itch they just can’t reach OR if they do it constantly, it’s swollen anal glands. Your dog could have more serious issues like tapeworms, parasites,or fleas.

As a dog owner, keep an eye on your dog’s “carpet scooting ” and figure out if there’s a reason to be worried or if your poor pooch has a stubborn itch that only a nice thick carpet can relieve.

Train Your Dog Good Behavior With

Effective and Humane Techniques