The Shocking Truth About How to Stop Dog Barking at Night

Oh no!  Is that dog keeping you up again at night?  I know it can be frustrating when my own neighbor’s dog would stay up and howl at the moon all night long.  Why do dogs bark at night?  And what can you do to stop dog barking at night when it gets out of hand?

Is Your Dog’s Out of Control Barking

Driving You Nuts? Fix That Problem Here!

1.)  Your dog is up all night yapping over God-knows-what and it’s keeping you awake or running the risk of getting your neighbors on your bad side


2.)  Your neighbor’s dog is at it again barking at every stupid insignificant grasshopper or cat that twitches at night.  What can you do?

Stop Your Dog’s Unnecessary Barking FAST!

First things first, if your dog is keeping you up at night with their constant barking, find out the source of why your dog is barking. It’s most likely because of their annoying habit but could your dog be barking at a suspicious stranger walking past your house? Could they be barking at a stray animal in your backyard? For whatever reason, figure out if there is a reason why your dog is barking.

Next, in order to stop dog barking at night, don’t shout back at your dog. Shouting back at your dog may only worsen the situation and intensify their barking.  This is like the equivalent of when you yell really loud and your buddy yells back “Hey!  You wanna get a nice cold beer, bro?”  Of course we’re going to keep barking!

Use one word commands when you’re trying to get your dog to stop barking at night. Dogs can only recognize a few words verses sentences. Stick to one word commands like “Stop” or “Quiet” to cease their barking.  Make sure you look at your dog in the eyes when you do this. That’s how we know  you mean business. This is a good way to stop dog barking at night.

Also, don’t forget to reward your dog with a “Good Boy/Girl” or treat so they know you still love them even though the whole neighborhood was pounding on your door to get your dog to stop barking at night. When you reward  your dog with a treat, make sure he or she has stopped barking first, otherwise they may think you’re rewarding them FOR barking.

Another way stop dog barking at night or to silence a dog (without hurting them of course) is to startle with noise! Their hearing is a double edge sword, they have super hero hearing as well sensitive hearing.

So next time your dog wakes you up at night, surprise them with a little noise of your own. A whistle or any sort of noise maker, preferable something that makes a loud pitch noise, can usually startle your dog into silence. Next time your dog sees you approaching with a loud noise maker, barking will be the last thing your dog will want to do.

If nothing else works for your dog, you can always resort to spraying them with water (just a soft mist, so put down the fire hose there, cowboy)  along with a firm “Stop” in order to stop dog barking at night.

You might also want to keep in mind the breed of dog you want before adopting a dog.  There are  dogs out there that have a reputation for barking and while some other breeds are known to be quieter.

If you live in a neighborhood where all the houses are really close together, you may want to avoid getting a noisy Yorkshire Terrier, Cairn Terriers, Fox Terrier and a West Highland White Terrier.

If your problem is that your next door neighbor’s dog is driving you crazy at night with their endless barking, mention this article to your neighbor. They might be just as fed up with their barking as you are and want to stop dog barking at night as well.

Is Your Dog’s Out of Control Barking

Driving You Nuts? Fix That Problem Here!