The Truth About How to Stop Dog Urinating Inside the House

One of the hardest things about being a dog owner is potty training your brand new puppy. God knows how difficult it was to potty train my dog! When my dog was a puppy, he was easily distractable (he still is) and had a hard time eliminating outside  instead of inside.

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There  was this period when he was doing pretty good until  he regressed and starting leaving “presents” here and there for me. Here are some common questions on how to stop dog urinating inside the house.

Q. How Can I Stop Dog  Urinating Inside?

A. Figure out the reason why your dog is doing it in the first place. Is your dog stressed out? Do you have an insecure dog? A dog with low confidence can lead to marking. When you find a large puddle of urine on the floor, that means you dog had to eliminate and couldn’t hold it much longer. If you find urine in small quantities all over the house, your dog is marking their territory. This is important to know if you want to stop dog urinating in improper places.

Q. What Can My Dog Be Stressed About?

A. There could be  a number of reasons why your dog is stressed out. It’s usually environmental. It’s normal to find accident here and there when your dog is a puppy. They are just learning. It’s also common for dogs that have already been potty to regress. Usually this means your dog is stressed out in their environment.You need to pin point the reason why you’re dog is stressed about in order to stop dog urinating all over your house.

Did you just have a baby and they don’t feel their getting enough attention? Is there a new pet in the house? Could your dog be going through separation anxiety when you leave the house? Whatever the reason, this is how your dog deals with changes in their environment.

Q. My Dog Won’t Stop Marking Inside, What Can I do?

A. Breaking a bad habit will take a lot of consistency and persistent.  Here are three ways to break this bad habit. One, neuter your dog. It’s more common for marking issues in male dogs. Their testosterone plays a big part in marking. By neutering at a young age, you have a better chance of your dog not feeling the need to mark his territory.

If you don’t want to neuter your dog, there are other options. Stop dog urinating inside by breaking their habit. Dogs are quick learners. Catch your dog in the act. If you see your dog going in circles or about to lift their leg to go pee, catch their attention using a loud sound. Don’t yell or threaten your dog. A firm “NO” and taking your dog outside will do the trick. You need to supervise very closely and diligently.

Praise your dog when they go pee or poop outside. Praise can go a long way in housebreaking your dog. When you praise your dog for eliminating outside, the message your sending is that peeing isn’t bad but peeing inside is a big no no.

Q. Why is My Dog Still Having Accidents Even After Our Long Morning Walks Before Work?

A. Separation Anxiety may lead to your dog having accidents when you’re not home. Separation anxiety is a leading cause to misbehavior problems with dogs. Symptom of separation anxiety can be anything from eliminating inside, chewing up your favorite shoes, chewing on furniture, damaging the walls or floor. Separation anxiety prevents and stop dog urinating where they should  be.

If you keep coming home to pee or poop on the floor, keep in mind that this is how your dog copes with you being gone. Your dog isn’t doing this because their “bad”.  Check out my article on dealing with separation anxiety in dogs to prevent coming home to a trashed apartment due to your dogs separation anxiety.

Also keep in mind that something may be medically wrong with your dog, causing your dog to have frequent accidents. Take your dog to the vet to make sure that he or she is a healthy pooch if you want to stop dog urinating inside the house.

Learn Fast Ways to Housebreak Your Dog!