Welsh Corgi Training Tips

I am a proud owner of a welsh corgi.  Here are some common questions about Welsh Corgi Training .

Welsh Corgi Training and Other Training Methods!

Q. What are the great things about Welsh Corgis?

A. Welsh Corgis are small dogs that have many great qualities. Welsh Corgis are a very dependable and spirited breed.  They are also very attentive dogs so learning and obedience training comes easy for them. Welsh Corgis are great with people, they are polite and very well behaved when it comes to meeting people. They can be protective of their “pack”, which makes corgis excellent watch dogs. Corgis may be small and stocky but are a very athletic breed, so make sure you give them a lot of opportunities for exercise. They’re very intelligent dogs, so mental stimulation is very important if you want to avoid any behavioral problems.

Q.  What are the cons  of having a Welsh Corgi?

I don’t like to think we have any cons but there may be some behavioral issues that may occur if they don’t get the proper attention that they need. They are VERY intelligent dogs, so mental stimulation is crucial to prevent them from getting bored. If Corgis get bored and left alone, they tend to become a little destructive around the house. So make sure you provide enough exercise for your dog . For example, take your dog out for walks, play fetch in the park or even get a kong to keep them entertained while you’re out of the house.

I do have to admit, they get territorial towards other animals they don’t know. Corgis are very protective of our family and  territory, which makes them great watchdogs.

Welsh Corgi training should consist on bite inhibition as well. Welsh Corgis do have the tendency to nip and chase other animals because they were bred to be herding dogs. As herding dogs on farms, they nipped cattle and drove off trespassers on the property. With proper training, this behavior can be avoided along with over aggressiveness towards other animals. Welsh Corgis are also very strong willed dogs, so they need an owner who has the confidence to reinforce proper behavior.

Another downside to having a Welsh Corgi is that they shed a lot. So make sure you own a vacume because your going to want to vacume daily (if you don’t like having dog hair all over your clothes, furniture and maybe even in your food.)

Also, keep in mind Welsh Corgis has the tendency to bark a lot. You’re going to have to nip this behavior in the bud before it becomes a problem. For other dog training tips, like needless barking check out How to Stop Dog Barking At Night.

Welsh Corgis are  loving, devoted and intelligent dogs. With proper Welsh Corgi training and behavioral reinforcement, you can have the best companion in your little dog with the “big dog” qualities.

Welsh Corgi Training and

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